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Afterschool in Romania

In Romania, 1 of 6 children drops out of school every year. The main causes for this phenomenon are poverty and the lack of social services. Child focused NGOs in Romania like World Vision have created afterschool programs to demonstrate that school dropout and children's social problems can actually be prevented. I visited school 126…
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Twitter tutorial for complete newbies

Over a year ago, I've put together a very basic introduction to Twitter for my colleagues. At the time, Facebook seemed to be a more familiar tool for advocacy in our group, whereas Twitter's potential remained somehow unexplored. "What can you possibly say in 140 characters"? "What on Earth is a hashtag"? "How do you…
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Child labor in Albania

Child labor continues to be of great concern for Albania. In spite of the fact that for many years it has been a topic of discussion within central structures of the Albanian government, child labor has not yet decreased. I visited Tirana during the summer of 2013. I had the privilege to meet child protection…
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