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REFER/Trento Smart City Week 2019

The main objective of the Refer project is the establishment of an international network of novel, education-driven, repair-based events. The scope of these events is allow people to bring their electronic devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, etc) to be repaired. During Trento Smart City Week 2019  voluntary and professional and repairers were able to…
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Proto Challenge 2018

Mechanical design and additive manufacturing Proto Challenge is an initiative for dissemination and training purposes to allow companies to explore benefits and techniques of mechanical design with advanced software to improve mechanical performance and production with additive techniques. 5 products will be selected, analyzed and redesigned by teams of young talents in the course of…
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UX Challenge 2018

A two day design sprint for digital companies UX challenge is a two day design sprint, engaging researchers, professionals and interaction design talents with the aim of improving the user experience (UX) of applications and software submitted by digital companies. Teams of skilled students, young professionals and experienced mentors, work with companies to design and…
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Trento Smart City Week 2018

On 12-15 April 2018 the Open Data Trentino Project of the Autonomous Province of Trento participated in the Trento Smart City Week. The event was an important occasion to promote some of the activities developed within the frame of an Interreg Europe project, such as the Open Data Hackabot 2018. The event also offered an…
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