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Child Protection Index interviews

Giant advocacy instrument developed across 9 countries with the involvement of 72 experts I have been involved in the creation of the Child Protection Index - an advocacy giant cross-border instrument designed to measure the government decisions to protect vulnerable children. The tool was created jointly by World Vision and ChildPact and developed across 9…
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Afterschool programs in Romania

In Romania, 1 of 6 children drops out of school every year. The main causes for this phenomenon are poverty and  the lack of social services. Child focused NGOs in Romania like World Vision have created afterschool programs to demonstrate that school dropout and children’s social problems can actually be prevented. I visited school 126…
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Child institutionalisation in Armenia

“Here we have a good time, it is a good place… I like it here, but I’d like to go to my mother. My mommy will take me soon.” (Armenian girl living in a residential institution) I spent part of the summer in 2013 in Yerevan, where I have met to meet with members of the…
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