I am Roxana Todea. Photo & video-making with a sprinkle of social media magic is my thing.

I work with brands, medium-size businesses, institutions, and non-profit organisations.

Strategic Planning & Training

Strategic Planning facilitation & Training for small & big groups

Over the last 10 years I've been working with hundreds of NGO professionals to developed advocacy & communications strategies and deliver trainings on communications and digital marketing for the nonprofit sector.

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Social Media Marketing

Develop a strategy, act quickly when the time is tight

I help businesses, organisations and institutions establish their brand in front of relevant audiences, generate leads and sales and boost community engagement across different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & TikTok).

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Advanced and customized analysis of social media

Data-driven competitor analysis, domain-specific hashtags, complex queries, finding influencers in context. Let your message and creativity flourish on top of solid analysis conducted in the R programming language interacting with the original APIs.

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Video & Photography

Create powerful digital media campaigns

I produce video & professional photography, create animations, teasers and other video products for social media advertising. I care about the people around me and engage with them to facilitate a pleasant and embarrassment-free experience for all involved.

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Blog posts

Why me?

A 360 degree communication package

Managing communication in the digital age can be a daunting effort. There are many questions and no easy solutions. Big brands and Instagram stars raise expectations about how "cool" we should all be in our online life.

Small companies, NGOs, local institutions, struggle to get their message through. Staff do not have the time, training, or skills to deal with communication tasks and work towards outreach goals that are crucial for the success of a project.

I've been working in the past 10 years with teams of all sizes to help them get their message through. I creatively adapt their contents to different online formats, and create new materials to enliven their communication. I manage their social media channels, blogs, and websites. I do photo and video-making. I may refer to other consultants when needed (e.g. for creating websites or for advanced social media analytics), but I am still a one-person shop: I will personally take care of all the communication with clients, who can rely on me to deliver their message in a way that is consistent with their expectations.


If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.