Who I am

Advocacy, Communications and Digital Marketing

I have a cross-sector experience with international organisations, networks, as well as smaller working groups. I work with brands, businesses, institutions and non-profit organisations, helping them get their messages through. I creatively adapt contents to different online formats and create new materials to enliven communication processes.

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what I do

Strategic Planning & Training

I facilitate strategic planning workshops to develop advocacy & communications strategies for nonprofit organisations (both online and offline). In the last 10 years I've been working with hundreds of NGO professionals to developed advocacy & communications strategies and deliver trainings on communications and digital marketing for the nonprofit sector.

Social Media

I develop strategic directions for brand campaigns across the digital ecosystem and manage social networks and communities. I have an integrated approach and am able to create innovative social media programs that not only align with traditional PR campaigns, but also with a client’s broader marketing strategy.

Advanced and customized analysis on Social Media

I have experience in leveraging social media research and insights to guide strategic recommendations, set metrics and analyze the success of a digital strategy. I create data-driven competitor analysis, find domain-specific hashtags, and leverage complex queries to engage with influencers.

Potography & Video-Making

I produce videos and professional photography for events.  I also create animations, teasers and other video products for advocacy or social media campaigns. I am passionate about producing videos that capture any event in a powerful and creative way.