Yearly Archives: 2013

Afterschool in Romania

In Romania, 1 of 6 children drops out of school every year. The main causes for this phenomenon are poverty and the lack of social services. Child focused NGOs in Romania like World Vision have created afterschool programs to demonstrate that school dropout and children's social problems can actually be prevented. I visited school 126…
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Roma camps, Serbia

Pictures taken during the filming of a short video about child poverty in Serbia, together with colleagues from Društveni centri in Niš. Read the full story here.
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Weddings around the world

 Weddings are a cultural experience  that always fascinated me. The mixture of excessive joy and melancholy with sometimes hillarious touches seems to be a universal feature wherever you are. Inspired and somehow hunted by Silviu Ghetie's wedding photos, I often surprise myself sneaking around to take a shot whenever I come across some wedding, especially when…
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